Online donations

Due to technical difficulties, we have temporarily closed our online donations. 

Bank transfer

Donations by bank transfer are accepted. Please email before making a donation and you will be provided with a reference number. 
Account No. 32325431
Sort code: 08-71-99
Donation recipients

Donations may be used for the following purposes. If you do not have a preference, donations will be processed into our general fund and will be allocated to areas that require this financial support at the time of donating. 

Aqiqah – Eid Gift – Fitrana – Fidya – Flood Disaster Relief – General Fund – Interest Money – Kafarah – Lillah – Qurbani – Refugee Services – Sadaqah – Sadaqah Jariyah – Sadaqah Sacrifice – Sehar & Iftar – Waqf – Zakah