We stepped into 2015 showcasing the very first Mehfil-E-Ziqr-O-Fiqr on the Wiladt-e-Rasool-e-Paak s.a.w.w at our restored Aastana-E-Aalia Sharif at 28. Guests had travelled all the way from Europe and even India in order to participate in the evening’s event. With such a huge turnout and unprecedented demand, we were unable to accommodate all requests due to shortage of space. We appreciate the support and patience of many longstanding supporters of the society who were not able to attend. Chairman of DM Digital Channel Dr Malik & Afzal Khan MEP EU Parliament were also present.

The evening commenced with Qirat & Naat by Qari Zahoor Saifi followed by a brief speech of appreciation for all who helped us to reach this stage, by Touseef Akhtar & Spiritual Leader Shah Saab. There are many people who were involved in the restoration of the late Aastana-E-Aalia Sharif which was also the home of the late Supreme Spiritual Leader Shah Ji– and we are thankful to each and everyone of our supporters. Returning to this location will allow the Sufi Spiritual Society to continue reaching new heights in ancient mystical Islamic knowledge.

Also to be mentioned are the ladies and society members who were working hard behind the scenes organising the evening and the food. The highlight of the evening for many was the by Ziqr-o-Fiqr which had taken place in this Aastana-E-Aalia Sharif after such a long time. This was then followed by Ziaraat & Dasterkhwan where candles were lit on Shama-e-Panjetan-e-Paak for Mannat-o-Murad. The event was also featured on GEO News. Watch full coverage Mehfil-E-Ziqr-O-Fiqr on the Wiladt-e-Rasool-e-Paak s.a.w.w below.

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