What do we do?

Sufi Spiritual Society is a registered charity and our main aim is to advance the education of the public in the principles of Sufism within Islam. Previously we have worked to achieve this through the provision of a library, lectures and other information. We aim to reach a wider audience to teach them what Sufism is, and how this practice may benefit individuals. The society has hosted events, broadcasted live zikr recitations and have provided advice and support to those in need.

We have a live and interactive programme on Sufism and Tasawuf in accordance to Sharia and ancient Islamic knowledge which is purely attained by Ziqr-e-Allah, divine guidance through heart by heart and Abrar-o-Qazaif. You can watch us on our You Tube channel – Sufi Guidance Channel. 

Sufi Spiritual Society processes donations such as aqiqah, qurbani or sadaqah which are distributed to those in need.