Shah Saab


I am known as Shah Saab and I am a Practitioner of Ancient Mystical Knowledge and follow the path of Sufism.

My knowledge has been passed down to me from my forefathers. My father was a scholar in Ancient Islamic Mysticism. Through his efforts and the grace of Allah he elevated the knowledge he possesed to heights beyond human capacity earning him the title “The Living Sufi”. He progressed in attaining to new heights in knowledge accending himself towards the heavens spiritually. His main objective in life was to spread the Quranic knowledge throughout the world. He became a true pioneer of our mystical Tareeqat. Although he had reached heights no one has ever reached before, he remained humble and reserved. Given the magnitude of spiritual power he possesed he remained quite and steadfast on the path of knowledge. So much so, that till the end, he continued his quest for knowledge. In his life time he

wrote the worlds one and only full Quranic Naqsh, Jafr-e-Jamia, Jafr-e-Ahmer and many other phenomenal Naqsh which are beyond imagination.


When my father passed on, he passed on all the knowledge he had accumulated over his lifetime of 80 years plus. Many may not comprehend this but this is how it is.

We have been blessed with the universal knowledge which encompasses the entire universe; numerology and the alphabets.

We have eight books from our own Tareeqat on numerology and alphabets as we have command on both of these. We strictly follow the Quran and Sunnah.

May Allah keep everyone safe.

Post written by the current leader of the Sufi Spiritual Society, Raza Ali Shah al Abidi.

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