Shah Saab, Akhtar Moeed Shah Al-Abidi

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This month is dedicated to the late Supreme Spiritual Leader, Shah Saab as it is now four years since he passed away. Now the role of the Spiritual Leader has been passed down to Shah Saab’s son. Tune in to DM Digital to hear him talk about the phenomenal legacy that his father left for us to discover.
A khatam will be observed on Saturday 14th June 2014, which not only marks the fourth Barsi (anniversary) of the Supreme Spiritual Leader, but we will also be sharing with the world a momentous occasion. All will be revealed very soon. Sign up or follow us on twitter to be the first to learn what we will be sharing.

Biography coming soon

Condolences for a great Saint

Today the Sufi Spiritual Society is in sadness and mourning the loss of the great Saint of Naqshbandi/Haqqani Tariqat Sheikh Nazim-Al-Haqqani Radhiallahu-anhu who was 92 yrs of age.

We offer our deepest sympathies and condolences to his family, friends & followers all around the world.

He spent a lifetime in service of the deen (Islam) and it is a great loss to the whole Ummet-e-Muslima.

He propagated the true core message of Islam into the hearts of a common person, by his teaching & simplicity.

We pray that Allah grants the Sheikh the highest place in Jannat.

But we need to remember that friends of Allah live on. Our actions speak for the love we have and had for them with continuity of their mission; by spreading the love of Rasool-e-Paak sallallahu-alayhi-wasallam (peace be upon him) in every heart & soul.

Shah Saab