What is Zikr?

Zikr means remembrance of God (Allah). The Qur’an tells us to practice Zikr in order to expand our aliveness, increase our spiritual attunement and find rest for our hearts. In doing so, we invoke the immediate experience of divine attributes, specifically activating the energies of compassion and mercy and drawing blessings from the angelic realm.

‘Lá iláha illallah’ is the belief in the Divine Lordship of Allah (referred to as ‘ruboobiyyah’). Which means believing that Allah is the only one power who creates, gives life and death, and maintains the affairs of all that’s in this universe that exist in between life and death.

‘Allah Hoo’ becomes a complete sentence translating to ‘HE is Allah’. When the pronoun ‘Hoo’ is combined with the word ‘Allah’, it becomes a complete sentence: ‘HE is Allah’. Understand a simple grammatical principle that this is a complete sentence. The pronoun ‘Hoo’ gives it the meaning ‘HE is (exists), Whose name is Allah’.

‘Howa’ is a sacred and a secret name in spirituality of Allah. It is derived from ‘Hoo’ (verb), which states the one that exists, and always been in existence and will always be.

Watch the Khatam and Mehfil-e-Ziqr here

Grand Khatam

The Grand Spiritual Khatam has been observed in the highest regard and respect. This was held on Sunday 4th May and would like to say thank you to all participants and all those who contributed their efforts behind the scenes preparing for this event.
As we closed a chapter, a new chapter unveiled, for the first time in the history of Khatam’s, two Shama-e-Panjtan-e-Paak were lit.
This marked the end of Volume “JEEM” of the Jafar-e-Jamia, which indicates we are climbing new heights.

The Zikr observed today was more spiritually strengthening than ever before.
We are seeing the vision of our own Supreme Spiritual Leader Shah Ji come to materialise in the form of success and helping people in need and building bridges between communities.

All members of the Sufi Spiritual Society highly appreciate the attendance of Candidate M.E.P Afzal Khan ( former lord mayor).

A prayer was observed for all present and all who couldn’t attend.

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